• Easy Installationof straight or coiled hoses
  • Increase Revenueand reduce expense
  • Rugged & Lightweightand built to stay in place
  • Increase Efficiencyand productivity
  • Long Lastingfor a lifetime of use

    Decrease Downtimeand reduce maintenance costs

    EZ Claw Truck
    EZ Claw Yard Truck
    EZ Claw Tandem Slider
    EZ Claw Converter Dolly
    EZ Claw Telemetrics
    EZ Claw Racing Haulers
    EZ Claw Hose and Cable Haulers

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
What are EZ Claw users saying?

Drivers agree.... using the EZ Claws reduces maintenance and increases safety!
“What a great product! As soon as we installed them our hose and gladhand repairs dropped from 1–2 repairs a week to almost zero. This is huge because we are a busy hub working 8–15 hours daily and we have significantly reduced out-of-service switcher conditions for hose and gladhand repairs. From a functionality basis EZ Claws are easy to use. The drivers like them because they don’t have to bend down 200 times a day to pick up hoses and gladhands. It is significantly easier on them. Also, it is now much safer as the drivers are not tripping over airlines and gladhands. Safety is a really important to us!” - Scott H., Sacramento, CA!


EZ Claw is not just one product. We are a company that produces several different versions within the EZ Claw product line. Each application is designed specifically for your commercial truck or tractor need. Regardless of the application, your EZ Claw product is designed to be rugged, lightweight and built to stay in place, securing all your straight or coiled hoses with easy installation. After using EZ Claw, you will notice a reduction in maintenance costs and that means INCREASED REVENUE! CALL 704-896-8867 TODAY AND PUT EZ CLAW TO WORK FOR YOU!

Clients Are Loving The EZ Claw! "60-70% reduction in repairs!"